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Skin Care Products
Transion (TRAN*SEE*ON)
 Combines two precisely stimulated muscle movements, producing inch reduction and toning of targeted skeletal muscle groups. The muslces contract at maximum intensity, forcing fluid and toxins back into the circulatory systmem.
Isogei (I*SO*J)
 Uses isometric muscle contractions to strengthen and lift muscles, Tissues attached to the muscles (ie. face, breast, buttocks, under arms, etc.) will also lift recreating a youthful appearance. Non-surgical lifting is visible in the very first treatment.
Linfogei (LIN*FO*J)
 An automated effective method of manual massage to detox the tissues, It can be done on the face or the body.  Muscle contractions are timed with the heart beats
when used on the body.
Cromogei (CRO*MO*J)
 Using visible spectrum light therapy improves imbalances in the body, thereby resolving related problems such as:  wrinkles, premature aging, free radicals, stretch marks, scars, slackness, fluid retention, varicose veins, broken capillaries, acne, oily skin, dry skin, excess fat, and cellulite.
Flash Rejevenation
 High intensity white light to stimulate the
cells to produce new cells and convert type III
colligen to type II.
Microgei (MIC*RO*J)
 Uses low frequency and low intensity stimulation to increase circulation, firm skin and its structural layers, resulting in a revitalized and toned face and body.
Body System
 Uses targeted infa-red light and muscle contraction.  The light penetrates body tissues in a localized area  to decrease inflamed adipose tissue (cellulite), creating a smoother, healthier, and reshaped area.
 Before                               After 20 Treatments
 Before                               After 15 Treatments
 Before                               After 20 Treatments
Before                           After 20 Treatments