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Bodies Made Elegant

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About Us
Bodies Made Elegant founded in October of 2007, is associated with Applied Therapeutic Sciences, Inc.
Our purpose is to improve the natural beauty of our clients in a healthy, safe, ethical and non-envasive manner.  The technicians are medically certified and well trained on the equipment and the application of the treatment processes.

The owners are Arlon Washburn LMT, medical manager, Ann Barnhart Washburn,  office manager.
How Are We Different?
We have seven different treatment processes to address your problem areas.  We use these processes in different combinations to provide you with the best results;  while others may only have one of these methods to try to fit all problems.
The treatments include light therapy such as infra red, flash, visible light chromo therapy and electrical stimulation as in transion, isogei, linfogei, body systems, and microgei.
What do our customers have to say?
Because we all have an opinion.