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Bodies Made Elegant

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Welcome to Bodies Made Elegant! Thank you for your interest in learning about us and our offerings.
The Home of your New Body
Change your Body, Change your Life.

What if you could lie back on a table and relax while your body was exercised for you?  What if you could lose inches, wrinkles, cellulite and improve your beauty and well being, while reading your favorite novel or napping; without pain, needles, wraps, surgery, or tears?  Imagine doing a thousand situps or a thousand scissor kicks or even a thousand bicep curls in one hour. Sounds impossible doesn't it.  Come check out the impossible. Hours:  M-F  9:30 to 7  Sat: 9:30 to 3.

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The VIP equipment from Italy has been in Europe and South America for 35 years  The VIP method uses a multi-treatment approach with electrical stim and light therapy. An hour with VIP is equal to three hours at the gym!
If you need to lose inches in your waist, hips, legs and thighs, nothing is safer or easier to do. 
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